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Dehri on Sone, City View

Dehri on Sone (डेहरी ऑन सोन) is the beautiful city and it has great scope for tourism. Here is some of the images clicked through the city while moving around with my friends. If you have some good photos and want to share then send it to me on my Email-Id I would love to publish it here with credit given to you.

This small Dam on the canal is used to generate hyderoelectric power. The hydero power plant has the capacity of 4 Units x 1.65 MW (total of 6.60 MW). During summer power plant doesn't work because of less water in canal.

Sundial or Dhoop Ghari made of copper and buit in 1871 by Dehree Workshop. Sundial is a device used to measure time of the day apparent position of sun in the sky. it indicate the time based on shadow appears on the different hours line marked on the dial.

Jharkhandi Mandir also known as Anicut is another well-known place in the city Dehri on Sone. During wedding season hundreds of couples from around the city get married here. This Lo…