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Indrapuri Dam (Barrage)

Indrapuri Barrage (also known as the Sone Barrage) is the fourth longest barrage in the world with the length of 1407 meters (4616 ft). Construction of Indrapuri barrage began in 1960 by Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) and commissioned in 1968. Two canals are connected with Indrapuri Dam are used for irrigation and converted a large area of infertile land in to a richly productive area.

Indrapuri Barrage located at Indrapuri approximately 10 km south west from Dehri on Sone.

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Dehri on Sone, City View

Dehri on Sone (डेहरी ऑन सोन) is the beautiful city and it has great scope for tourism. Here is some of the images clicked through the city while moving around with my friends. If you have some good photos and want to share then send it to me on my Email-Id I would love to publish it here with credit given to you.

This small Dam on the canal is used to generate hydro-electric power. The hydero power plant has the capacity of 4 Units x 1.65 MW (total of 6.60 MW). During summer power plant doesn't work because of less water in canal.


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