Maa Tutula Bhawani (Tutla Dham)

Tutula Bhawani तुतला भवानी (also known as Tutla or Titula Dham) is located nearby Tilauthu and approximately 20 Km south west from Dehri On Sone. This place is known for temple of Goddess Maa Tutula Bhawani and incredible waterfall. Tutula Bhawani is the most beautiful place far away from noise and pollution of the city, hilly view alongside waterfall is really amazing that attracts people.

तुतला भवानी में प्रकृति का सुंदर दृश्य और वहाँ लगने वाला बाजार

प्रकृति की गोद में तुतला भवानी मंदिर का अद्भुत दृश्य

भारी बारिश के बाद तुतला भवानी जल-प्रपात का विहंगम नजारा

माँ तुतला भवानी, डेहरी ऑन सोन, बिहार

Tutla Dham on the way, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Almost reached, road ends here next you can walk and enjoy hilly view

Tutla Dham Waterfall, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Tutula Bhawani waterfall, during rainy season it contains full of water

Tutla Dham, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Here you can have some rest and get Prasad for Puja

Tutla Dham Waterfall, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
During summer, It turns into a beautiful picnic spot

Tutla Dham waterfall close view, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Before Puja, Its good to bath, but beware of stones below water are very sleepy

Tutla Dham waterfall close view, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Maa Tutula Bhawani Temple, just down to the waterfall

Tutla Dham Temple, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
मां तुत्लेश्वरी भवानी मंदिर

Tutla Dham beautiful waterfall, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Side view of Waterfall

Tutla Dham waterfall upper part, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Close View of upper part of the waterfall

Tutla Dham waterfall lower part, Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar
Close view of lower part of the waterfall

How to Reach Tutula Dham:

Tilauthu is very well connected to Dehri on Sone, from Tilauthu there is more than one road taking you to Tutula Bhawani and you have to follow one of them. If you are not local then it's advisable to get help from locals in Tilauthu regarding recommended way and cautions.

Location on Google Map for Titula Dham

Travel Tips:

Be careful from monkeys while carrying Prasad for Puja they may snatch it from you.
It is not possible reach near to Tutla by the vehicle (other than bike or Tractor depends upon the season) as you can see to rocky way to come here.

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